Cherry Grove/Green Mound Cemetery
Mason Co, Illinois

Overview of Cherry Grove/Green Mound Cemetery

We do not currently have a complete reading of Cherry Grove/Green Mound Cemetery. Researchers are welcome to contribute any burial information or photos of stones to be placed on this website. Some burial information was taken from the 1956 Honor Rolls.

Photos contributed by Joan Lund

Name Birth Death Other Inscriptions Other Info
CLOSE, W. L.       Civil War, Army, Co A 13th KY Inf
DUKESHIER, E. S.   5 September 1869   Civil War
FULLERTON, Theo. C.   1918   Civil War
GARDNER, Hiram       Civil War
GRAFFIS, Abraham       Civil War, Army, Co H 48 Ind Inf
HAMILTON, James M.   20 Feburary 1869   Civil War, Lieut.
HURLEY, Chas.   16 January 1890   Civil War, Army, 25th Ill Inf
MANGOLD, Theodore   24 October 1907   Civil War, Army, Co D 73 Ohio Vol Inf
RICHEY, Andrew 1824, Donegal Ireland 16 September 1864   Civil War, Army, Co. C 85th Ill Vol Inf
RIDENOUR, Jacob   4 May 1885   Civil War
SHEIBLY, J. T.   5 November 1899   Civil War, Army, Penn Cav Vol
TONGATE, Wm. W.   5 April 1874   Civil War
TYLER, C. N.   14 January 1899   Civil War

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