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Selected Family Links
The complete set of links are available to family members and invited researchers. If interested inquire with Glen Hamilton.

1) "Took Out $10,000 in Gold in 30 Minutes" - Clarence Jordan photo and mine - Spokesman-Review Nov. 16, 1932
This is another clipping from the Spokesman-Review that is in the WSU Digital Archives. This article and photo is of Clarence Jordan and his mine... showing the hole from which the strike was made. Clarence was the son of William and Mary Jordan and a first cousin of Charlie Galloway who was the father of Elsie Luetta (Hamilton) Galloway. (posted by Glen)
2) (This is a MUST SEE Link!) Supplina Hamilton Profile Page added to site
Dr. Charles Dailey of the Northwest College of the Bible (Church of Christ) posted this wonderful profile of Grandpa Supplina today (9/28/2005). (posted by Glen)
3) 1857 Map of Washington and Oregon Territories
Excellent 1857 map of, "The Territories of Washington and Oregon." It shows Linn Country, Oregon where Supplina and Jane's land claim was, and also how the Oregon Trail insured that Walla Walla County, Washington was an area of early settlement in Washington. In fact, in the early days Walla Walla was much bigger than Seattle. Be sure to click on the map to enlarge it.
4) 1895 Map of Washington State
(posted by Glen)
5) 1923 Image of the Okanogan County, WA Courthouse
It was in this courthouse that Maurice Lake Hamilton and Elsie Luetta Galloway were married on September 29th, 1920. Maurice was the son of Judd Hamilton and the grandson of Supplina Hamilton. (posted by Glen)
6) A trip to Oregon in 1851: based on accounts by Jane Peeler Powell and S. Hamilton
Nell W. Reeves, of Madison, Connecticut, was the grandniece of Jane Peeler Powell. Nell Reeves describes the 1851 trip from Illinois to Oregon of the wagon train commanded by Captain John A. Powell. She uses extracts from accounts by Jane Powell, daughter-in-law of Captain Powell, and Supplina P. Hamilton, a member of the train. Both narratives were taken from "The Powell History," privately printed in 1922. The 8 page account is in the collection of the Yale University Library. (posted by Nell W. Reeves)
7) A Vision of Britian Through Time - Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland
(posted by Glen)
8) Alexander and Nancy Sumpter - Oregon Trail Emigrants of 1853
Alexander and Nancy Sumpter are documented as having crossed the trail in 1853. Supplina Hamilton and Sarah Jane Sumpter were married in Linn Co, Oregon on June 10th, 1858. (posted by Glen)
9) Alexander Jr. and Lydia (Bilyeu) Sumpter and the founding of Asotin, Washinton
Alexander Sumpter, Jr. was the younger brother of Sarah Jane (Sumpter) Hamilton. Alexander and Lydia (Bilyeu) Sumpter founded Assotin City, WA on May 14, 1880. Actually the town was laid out by Alexander in April / May of 1878. The town was offically dedicated (by some accounts) on July 22, 1880. Alexander also became the postmaster in July of 1880. Alexander & Lydia had a mercantile. The town eventually merged with Asotin. (posted by Glen)
10) Alexander Sumpter - Early settler in the Lebanon, Sodaville Oregon Regions
(posted by Glen)
11) Alexander Sumpter on the 1853 Oregon Donation Land Claim arrival list
(posted by Glen)
12) Alexander Sumpter party on Umatilla Indian Agency Roster - Aug. 3, 1853.
The US Agent at the Umatilla Indian Agency (established in 1851) diligently recorded the emigrants across the Oregon Trail in 1853. Alexander Sumpter was recorded on the roster as having arrived on August 3, 1853. The record simply says: Sumpter, A. w. 8d. This stood for 'Sumpter, A. with a wife and 8 daughters'. Actually the transcriber of the roster (many years later) made a mistake and put 'B' d., which could have meant 'baby daughter.' Apparently she could not believe that anyone would actually have had EIGHT daughters and no sons!! It was true. Though Alexander and Nancy had sons born to them in Oregon their eight daughters who crossed the Oregon Trail with them in 1853 were: Elizabeth,18; Malinda Lindy,16; Sarah Jane,15; Nancy Lovisa,13; Drucilla Ann,11; Lucinda Cindy,9; Lavinia,4 and Alice J. age 1. To add to all this, 34 year old Nancy crossed the trail pregnant with their first-born son, Alexander Jr., who was born after they arrived in Linn, Co. Oregon in September 1853 (according to the 1900 Census). Crossing the Oregon Trail in 1853 basically meant walking across the Western United States for five months. Riding in the wagons was often unbearable because of the jostling bumpy ride. Talk about an amazing woman! Nancy (Prather) Sumpter was it... (posted by Glen)
13) Alexander Sumpter Sr. - Buried in Providence Cemetary, Linn Co. Oregon
Alexander Sumpter Sr. was the father of Sarah Jane (Hamilton) Sumpter, the wife of Supplina Hamilton. Alexander came west with his family on the Oregon Trail in 1853. Alexander was born in Tennessee on May 6, 1810 and passed away in Linn, Co. Oregon March 18, 1904. (posted by Glen)
14) Alexander Sumpter, Jr. in Lymans "History of Old Walla Walla."
Alexander Sumpter, Jr. was the younger brother of Sarah Jane (Sumpter) Hamilton who was the wife of Supplina Hamilton. Alexander and his wife Lydia (Bilyeu) Sumpter left there homestead in Linn County, Oregon to pioneer in what was to become Asotin County in the Southwestern corner of Washington Territory. (posted by Glen)
15) Alexander Sumpter, Sr. in the Illinois Mounted Volunteers in the Blackhawk Indian War
Alexander Sumpter, Sr. was the father of Sarah Jane (Sumpter) Hamilton. He and his wife Nancy R. Prather came West across of the Oregon Trail in 1853. The Sumpters had nine girls and Nancy Sumpter gave birth to their 10th child, a boy, Alexander, Jr. in September of 1853, shortly after arriving in the Willamette Valley. The Sumpters had three more sons in Oregon. Alexander Sumpter, Sr. is buried in the Providence Cemetery Scio, Linn County, Oregon (posted by Glen)
16) Amasa Galloway - Grave in Republic Cemetery, Republic, Ferry County, WA
Amasa Galloway was the father of Charles Galloway and the grandfather of Elsie Luetta Galloway who was the wife of Maurice Lake Hamilton. Amasa was born in 1834 and died, January 17, 1911. (posted by Glen)
17) An unusual name: Suplina Judd
Look half-way down the page under the section, "Unusual Name." (posted by Glen)
18) Another photo of Elizabeth Leonard Templeton's grave stone in the Lostine Cemetary, Wallowa County, Oregon
(posted by Glen)
19) Arthur Lund and the founding of Tonasket, WA
Arthur Lund was a founder and early day business and civic leader in Tonasket, WA. He was the president of the town bank. Arthur Lund was a friend and patron of the Hamiltons. Judd and Annettie and two of their children, Donald and Doris were living in Tonasket as of the 1930 Census. Judd's son Maurice and his family, wife Elsie and their children Darrel, Marvin, Mazie and John(ie) were also in Tonasket. Mr. Lund took a special interest in Darrel with his health (heart) problems. Maurice and Elsie named one of their sons, Arthur Lund Hamilton, after Mr. Lund. (posted by Glen)
20) Article on Samuel Wilbur Condin / Condit - Wild Goose Bill
Samuel Condin was the grandfather of Lottie Condin (Condon) who married Supplina Ward Hamilton. (posted by Glen)
21) Aunt Effie's Wedding Record - July 3, 1895 - 'My Heart mended as all hearts do.'
Effie (Darland) Hamilton was a younger daughter of Supplina and Sarah Jane (Sumpter) Hamilton. Her letter telling of her growing up years is a priceless family treasure. In it she tells candidly about her first love... that was not to be. This link is to a record of her marriage to Walter Gilbert at age 20. She would later marry James Darland.

Ironically, Effie's marriage was following her sister Pirena "Rena" who 10 and 1/2 months earlier (Sept 19, 1894) had married Samuel S. Gilbert (also of Juliaetta, Idaho). It was of this sister that Effie would later write, "My sister Rena 8 years older was still at home part time. She sewing and fancy work she loves, also loved to tease me about any dates, open my love letters and read them before gave them to me..Until I ditched my first boyfriend, a nice religious boy who's heart was broken, so was mine, but I couldn't take the jokes she pulled, but hearts heal and a good thing so did mine, but I never found a man who loved the same things dear to my heart as the first boy friend. My heart mended as all hearts do."

According to Latah County, Idaho records Samuel and Walter Gilbert had taken out homesteads near Juliaetta in 1893, with Samuel having been deeded some land outright. Both Gilberts were in their early 20s. These were very tough times for the country as the 'Panic of 1893' had devastated the economy. I'm sure Effie and Pirena were glad to have each other close by as they began their married life 'on the homestead' in Southwest Idaho. (posted by Glen)
22) Caledonia - with Scottish Scenery
The song "Caledonia" by Dougie MacLean is a popular modern anthem for Scotland. The name Caledonia was the Latin Roman name for Scotland in contrast to their name for modern England, which was Brittania. Our Hamilton heritage is largely Caledonian. (posted by Glen)
23) Charles P. Judd - Roster - Company K 17th Illinois Infantry 1861-1862
Charles P. Judd was the son of Supplina Judd, Jr. He was born in Illinois and served in Company K 17th Illinois Regiment until discharged because of wounds. During that time he served alongside his 1st cousin, James M. Hamilton. (posted by Glen)
24) Charlie Galloway's family - Chancey (also known as Amasa) and Elizabeth Galloway
This link is to a researcher of the Galloway families in the Northwest. Charlie Galloway was the father of Elsie (Galloway) Hamilton the wife of Maurice Hamilton. Charles Galloway was married for a short time to Elsie's mother, Lilly Ramsay. Lilly was 16 years old when she married Charlie. They had two children, Effie and Elsie. Effie (named after Charlie's sister) died of crib death in the care of Grandma (Mary) Ramsay shortly after Lilly had left Charlie. Elsie stayed with Grandma (Elizabeth) Galloway. Lilly Ramsey eventually married a man named Fee in British Columbia. Charlie also remarried. This researcher is not sure who Charlie's father was... either a Amasa or a Chancey Galloway. Based on the details he has and the information we know.. it is clear that Charlie's parents were Chancey Galloway and Elizabeth Jordeu of Whitman County and then Waconda, WA. Chancey also went by A. or Amasa Galloway on Census records. Charlie Galloway and Lillie Ramsay were married in Republic, WA March 13, 1903. (posted by Glen)
25) Clan Hamilton Home Page
(posted by Glen)
This is a great site of Hamilton history. It is maintained by Maurice Hamilton a professional photographer and likely a distant cousin. (posted by Glen)
27) Colville Indian Girl Holding Hand Made Bag - Nespelem, WA c. 1905
The bag this girl is holding is similar in style as the bag made for Annettie (Laura Annetta [Templeton] Hamilton) Hamilton as a WWI memorial by a native woman in Nespelem, Susan Mitchell, in c. 1918 (posted by Glen)
28) Craig Hamilton (Officer Hamilton) featured on COPS on Fox
Craig is the son of Steve Hamilton, Grandson of Marvin Hamilton. He is a K-9 officer on the Spokane Police force. Craig and his team members saw some action in capturing a felon in the 3/25/2006 episode of COPS. (posted by Glen)
29) Creation of Umatilla County, Oregon
This article on is one of the clearest on the creation of Umatilla County, Oregon and the role that Supplina Hamilton (S. Hamilton) played in it. I have copies on of Supplina Hamilton's official oath of office administered by Judge J. W. Johnson in 1863. (posted by Glen)
30) Danny Hamilton - Candid Jam Session
(posted by Glen)

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