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Selected Family Links
The complete set of links are available to family members and invited researchers. If interested inquire with Glen Hamilton.

1) Jemina (Pooler) Judd - Thoughts on her family history
(posted by Glen)
2) John A. Powel and the Restoration Movement (Disciples of Christ) in Menard County, Illinois
This page is from the book: The Restoration Movement in Illinois: Menard County Text from Nathaniel S. Haynes, History of the Disciples in Illinois 1819-1914, pages 324 - 329. This online edition © 1997, James L. McMillan. It talks about John A. Powel the friend of Supplina Hamilton. John A. Powel lead the wagon train that 19 year old Supplina came to Oregon with in 1851. They left their homes in Sugar Grove (later renamed Sweet Water), Menard County (formerly Sangamon County), Illinois. John A. Powel homesteaded in Linn County, Oregon near Supplina and hired him to do occasional work on / at his sawmill. Mr. Powel married Supplina and Jane (Sumpter) Hamilton in Linn Co., Oregon in 1858. You can get a feel for John Powel's early days and work in Menard County. Also on this page is mention of the Alkire family, and the Propst (related to the Powel's)
3) John Hamilton and Brothers in Amity, NY in 1830 Census
John Hamilton, father of Supplina, is mentioned has head of household in Amity, NY in 1830. John would marry Altha Judd and later migrate to Illinois. I wonder if Heman and Hirim Hamilton mentioned here were John's Brother or relatives. John named a son, Heman and another Hirim (also one John and James). (posted by Glen)
4) John Hamilton and his six sons: Nelson, Madison County, NY
Joyce Hamilton susepcts the John Hamilton known to have lived in Nelson, Madison County, NY arriving in 1796 was our John Hamilton's father. This is making a number of assumptions including that John, the husband of Altha Judd, fathers' name was also John. Anyway, there is no proof here but a lead to track down. (posted by Glen)
5) John Hamilton, Sr. - from Massachusetts to Nelson, Madison County, NY - 1796
This link is to a page from the work, "History of Nelson, NY: FROM OUR COUNTY AND ITS PEOPLE A DESCRIPTIVE AND BIOGRAPHICAL RECORD OF MADISON COUNTY, NEW YORK EDITED BY: JOHN E. SMITH - THE BOSTON HISTORY COMPANY, PUBLISHERS 1899" that again mentioned John Hamilton, Sr. having arrived in approximately 1796 from Massachusetts to Nelson Township in Madison, County, NY. From another history of this region we know he had six sons. It's possible (though definitely not at all proven) that this John Hamilton, Sr. was the father of John Hamilton, Jr. the husband of Altha Judd and the father of Supplina Hamilton. (posted by Glen)
6) John Howland - Last Will and Testament
Last Will and Testament of John Howland. John is an ancestor of our extended families here in America. He and his wife Elizabeth Tilley (also a Mayflower passenger) were married in Plymouth, MA in 1623. (posted by Glen)
7) John Howland - Short Biography - Mayflower Passenger
John Howland is an ancestor of our extended families here in America. He and his wife Elizabeth Tilley (also a Mayflower passenger) were married in Plymouth, MA in 1623. (posted by Glen)
8) Joyce Hamilton's investigations of the connection to the Judd's
This is a link to a message board where Joyce (wife of Gordon) briefly outlines her theory on the connection with Supplina Judd and the decendants of John Hamilton. I suspect she is right. (posted by Glen)
9) Joyce Hamilton's post about John & Altha's Children
(posted by Glen)
10) Judd Hamilton - Opentopia Article
Judd Hamilton is the son of Maurice and Elsie (Galloway) Hamilton (posted by Glen)
11) Judd Hamilton - Profile in the Internet Movie Database:
The Internet Movie Database ( is the most popular site for information on movies and actors. This link is to a page that has Judd Hamilton's profile. Judd is the son of Maurice and Elsie (Galloway) Hamilton.
12) Judd Hamilton & Caroline Munroe
Judd Hamilton is the son of Maurice & Elsie (Galloway) Hamilton. (posted by Glen)
13) Judd Hamilton and the Furies?! Eastern Washington Rock n' Roll History.
This ('The Online Encyclopedia Of Washington State History') article chronicles the memoriable rock and roll bands with Eastern Washington roots. Danny and 'Hamilton, Joe Frank and Reynolds' are featured, ofcourse... but 'Judd Hamilton and the Furies?' Yes, it's there... and that's one wrinkle in family history I definiately had missed. They apparently recorded under the local 'Julian Records' label. (posted by Glen)
14) Kathi (Hamilton) Keith Family Tree Page
Kathi (Hamilton) Keith is the daughter of Arthur Lund Hamilton and Nelda Lee Nugent. Arthur 'Art' Hamilton was the son of Maurice Lake Hamilton and Elsie Luetta Galloway.
15) Location of the Hamilton School House - Union Flat Creek, Whitman County, WA
According to Norman Hamilton, this is the school house that was on the southern edge of Supplina and Jane Hamilton's property on Union Flat Creek in Whitman County, WA. It is gone now but for the old school teachers house (that is now abandoned and used for farm storage). UPDATE: 7/26/2006. The location of the school at the south western corner of Supplina Hamilton's property (the exact location shown on this map) was confirmed by the "Atlas of Whitman County Washington" the 1895 and 1910 versions. See the Docs sections for both of these atlas pages. In the 1895 Atlas we see that the property belongs to S. Hamilton. In the 1910 version we see that their is a school in the exact spot marked on the Google map image on this link. UPDATE: 1/1/2008. The school, known as the Hamilton School District #111, was mentioned in the book, "Whitman County: From Abbiville to Zion," by Edith E Erickson (1985). The school merged with the Endicott school district in 1935, (posted by Glen)
16) Lt. Philip Smith, common ancestor with George W. Bush
Please see the post, "You're related to George W. Bush..." in the Family Forum. (posted by Glen)
17) Map and description of the ancestral Hamilton family homes in Scotland
(posted by Glen)
18) Map of Allegany CO., NY from the 1830 census.
This map from the 1830 census shows the Amity district where John Hamilton and Altha Judd were living when they met. (posted by Glen)
19) Marriage of Nancy Templeton...
John Cochran and Robert Templeton had a lot in common. Both were men from North Carolina. Both were pioneer settlers in Ash Grove Township in Shelby County, Illinois and both lived in the same little district called Cochran's Grove (named after John who founded it in 1826). Robert homesteaded as Cochran's neighbor in 1828. John Cochran's son James (born April 8, 1813) married Robert Templeton's daughter, Nancy C. in Ash Grove on July 9, 1829. Nancy's mother Anna Templeton died that same year in Ash Grove. This link is to a page of geneology. Look 2/3 of the way down for information on James and Nancy C. (Templeton) Cochran. (posted by Glen)
20) Marvin Vernon Hamilton - Tribute Video on You Tube
(posted by Glen)
21) Merle Hamilton & Carole Pederson Marriage - Oct. 5, 1963 - Payette , Idaho
Merle Ward Hamilton is the son of Supplina Ward "Ward" Hamilton, who was the son of Judd Hamilton the son of Supplina and Sarah Jane (Sumpter) Hamilton. (posted by Glen)
22) More History of the Powell Family Crossing the Oregon Trail in 1851
This page from the 'End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center' in Oregon City, Oregon details more about the Powell family and their journies west on the Oregon Trail in 1851 and 1852. Supplina Hamilton's account of the 1851 journey, written to J.M. Powel in Spokane in 1900, is also quoted in part on this page. Supplina was with the Powell train in 1851 as a 19 year old headed west. This linked web page was written in 1998 before John Alkire Powell's journal was published by the Library of Congress. John A. Powell was the Captain of the wagon train and he keep a journal of the trip as well as recording his business transactions and the couples he married through the years in Oregon. S. (Supplina) Hamilton is often mentioned in John A. Powell's journal. (posted by Glen)
23) More history of Umatilla County Oregon and S. Hamilton
(posted by Glen)
24) More information on Thomas Judd
Thomas Judd was the first of our line of Judd family who emigrated to America. He arrived only 13 years after the Mayflower and was thought to have been on the '47th' ship to America, the Gavin. This Roots Web link has interesting information on Thomas and his descendants. Altha Judd, is thought to have been a descendant of Thomas. Two of her sons, Supplina and William McCord Hamilton are the fathers of most of the recent generations of Hamiltons recorded on this site. The Judd family name persists among the Hamilton's as a first name. The name Supplina also came into the Hamilton family from the Judd family heritage. (posted by Glen)
25) More on William M and James M Hamilton - 85th Illinois Infantry - Company C
William and James were twins born in 1834. They were the sons of John and Altha (Judd) Hamilton. (posted by Glen)
26) my book and website!
(posted by Heather Coburn)
27) Nancy Roseann (Prather) Sumpter's grave - American Ridge Cemetery - Juliaette, Idaho
"Sumpter, Nancy R, b. Apr 15, 1819, St Louis Mo, d. Jun 17, 1895, wife of Alexander" Nancy was the mother of Sarah Jane (Sumpter) Hamilton. Nancy crossed the Oregon Trail with her daughters and husband in 1853. She traveled the five months on the trail pregnant with her first son, Alexander Jr. who was born once they reached Oregon in 1853. (posted by Glen)
28) Nespelem History - Opened for Homesteaders in 1916
Judd and Nettie Hamilton brought their family from Whitman county Washington to Homestead near Nespelem after the southern portion of the Colville Indian reservation was opened to white homesteaders in 1916. (posted by Glen)
29) Northern Pacific Hospital Missoula, MT.
Julia Hamilton worked at the Northern Pacific Hospital in Missoula for about a year and a half ending in 1942. Mom was 16 years old when she orginally came to Missoula to work as a domestic. Later she found work at the hospital. She worked in Missoula for approximately two years before moving to Spokane to find a job in 'defense work' in 1942. The third photo's date is difficult to read but it may be 1924. (posted by Glen)
30) Obituary of Edward Frank Hamilton - Moscow-Pullman Daily News - Sep 12, 1997
Edward was the son of James Edward Hamilton who was the son of William McCord Hamilton who was the son of John and Altha (Judd) Hamilton. Ed passed way on Wednesday, September 10, 1997. (posted by Glen)

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