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Selected Family Links
The complete set of links are available to family members and invited researchers. If interested inquire with Glen Hamilton.

1) The First Christian Church of Dixie, Washington
This page on the site of the Washington State Secretary of State honors the first Christian Church of Dixie, Washington as the oldest Christian Church in the State of Washington. We know that this church was founded in part by Supplina Hamilton. The Christian Church (sometimes known as the Disciples of Christ) was a leading Christian movement in the early days of the American West. Supplina Hamilton was a pioneer preacher of the faith.
2) The grave of GGGGGrandpa Templeton. George Templeton, Sr.
This is a link to a photo of the grave of George Templeton, Sr. George was born in 1751 in North Carolina, USA. He died June 2, 1820 in Iredell County, NC. He was the husband of Eleanor Gracey Templeton who he married on August 19, 1775. They had 8 children. George is buried in the Centre Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Mount Mourne, Iredell County, North Carolina, USA. In the 1820 US Census 'George Templeton, Sr.' is listed in Iredell County, NC next to the household of two of his sons, Robert and James Templeton. Between the three Templeton households they had 7 men engaged in farming and one in 'manufacturing.' They also had 16 slaves between them. George's son, Robert would move to Tennesse for a short time and then to Ash Grove township in Shelby County, Illinois in 1828. Robert died there along with his son, John Perkins Templeton. John P. Templeton was the father the Greenberry S. Templeton who was the father of Laura Annette(ie) and Julia Aletha Templeton who married Judd and Frank Hamilton the sons of Supplina and Jane Hamilton. (posted by Glen)
3) The Hamilton Palace - Scotland
Our ancestors were Scottish. Likely originally English and eventually 'Scots-Irish' (settling in Northern-Ireland) and then Americans. The Hamilton Palace in Scotland is definiately in our family tree. (posted by Glen)
4) The House of Hamilton - The Illustrated London News, July 15th 1882
The "House of Hamilton"... this is a Web version of an article on our Hamilton family history that originally was published in The Illustrated London News, No.2254 Vol. LXXXI, Saturday, July 15, 1882, p.70 (posted by Glen)
5) The loss (foreclosure) on the Sumpter Homestead in Linn County, Oregon
This is interesting document from the book, " Reports of cases decided in the Supreme Court of the State of Oregon." The case of Fleschner v. Sumpter. Fleschner and his business partner Solomon Hirsch were well known pioneer financiers. I don't claim to have gotten all the nuances of the case, but It would appear that Alexander Sumpter, Jr. , the younger brother of Sarah Jane (Sumpter) Hamilton sold their donation land claim of 160 acres in Linn County, Oregon in the summer of 1880 to two men for $2,060. What happened after this is disputed but it would seem that Alexander Sumpter, Jr. used the mortgage he extended to the buyers as collateral in two promissory notes to secure loans from Fleschner. At this point Flescher is foreclosing on Alexander Sumpter, Jr's remaining interest in the mortgage paper related to the family's original donation land claim. The judge agreed. It's very interesting that this case made it all the way to the Oregon State Supreme Court. (posted by Glen)
6) The Pilgrim John Howland Society website
This is a fastinating site. The main purpose of the The Pilgrim John Howland Society is: " to retain possession of the Howland House in Plymouth, Massachusetts which the Society purchased in 1913. This historic house has been restored and is open to the public during the summer months. The Society also maintains the home site property in Rocky Nook, Kingston, Massachusetts, where John and Elizabeth lived in their later years." They have even been conducting archaeological excavations on the Rocky Nook property. (posted by Glen)
7) The T-Bones: No Matter What Shape Your Stomach's In - 1966
Before Hamilton, Joe Frank and Reynolds there was the T-Bones. Below is a clip of the T-Bones performing the full instrumental (inspired from the jingle) that became their pop chart hit rising to #3 on the US Billboard Hot 100 in March 1966. Danny and Judd Hamilton are on the guitars. Great stuff... from perhaps a bit more innocent time. Dan Robert "Danny" Hamilton is in front on the left. Dan's brother, Judd Hamilton is in the front on the right and taller. (posted by Glen)
8) The Witch in Hadley: A Family Halloween story.
This is a GREAT family Halloween Story. Supplina Hamilton's Great Grandmother was Elizabeth (Smith) Judd. Her Great Great Grandfather was Lieutenant Philip Smith mentioned in this account.

This page discusses the account of the infamous 17th Century 'Witch of Hadley' Massachusetts. Mary Webster was indicted by a grand jury and tried as a witch. She was acquited but gained a huge reputation... She was thought to be behind the death of our 'honorable and upstanding' ancestor, Lt. Philip Smith. Most of the source material on this page is taken from the definiative work of the history of Hadley, 'The History of Hadley', written by a cousin of ours, Sylvester Judd. It was originally published in 1863. (posted by Glen)
9) Thermopyla: Published poem of Charles Pratt Judd
Charles' poem Thermopyla was published by the volume, "Poets and Poetry of Kansas," by Thomas B. Herringshaw. Published in Chicago: American Publishers Association. 1894. His poem is on page 93. Charles was a son of Supplina Judd, Jr. and Susan Jane Pratt. He was born in Illinois in 1840. (posted by Glen)
10) Ulster American Folk Park - County Tryone, Northern Ireland
Large-scale emigration from Ireland to North America began in the 1720s and throughout the remainder of the eighteenth century involved many thousands of settlers, mainly from Ulster, who sought land and a new way of life in the American colonies. These early pioneers were predominantly Presbyterian and became known in their adopted country as the Scotch Irish.
11) Ulster-Scots Research. 400th anniversary of the Scots-Irish
(posted by Glen)
12) W.H. Galloway: Director of the Hillyard Mining Company - Spokane
W. H. (Willam H.) Galloway was the older brother of Charles Amasa Galloway. W. H. Galloway was the uncle of Elsie Luetta (Galloway) Hamilton. W. H. Galloway was likely the namesake for Elsie's brother, William 'Bill' Galloway. (posted by Glen)
13) Wauconda Cemetary - Elsie Hamiltons' sister and Grandfather
Buried in the Wauconda Cemetary is Elsie (Galloway) Hamilton's baby sister Effie who died in 1906. Elsie's mom felt she had to leave her husband Charlie Galloway and left Elsie in the care of grandma Galloway and Effie in the care of grandma Ramsey. Effie died of crib death shortly thereafter. Grandma Mary Ramsay's husband James had died in 1904 and is also buried in the Wauconda Cemetary. James was remembered as a dark skinned Scot with red hair and whiskers. He had a honest hard working reputation and was an old indian scout. James was born in 1832 (Actually, according to the 1900 Census he was born in September 1831) and held a timber claim in what is now Seattle before moving to what is now Buckley, WA and making a good living growing hops. They moved to Wauconda to escape the coastal weather believing it to be beneficial to their second child, Johnnie's health. (posted by Glen)
14) Wauconda, WA - Where Elsie (Galloway) Hamilton was born
Elsie Hamilton was born here January 26, 1904. This article tells the history of the now ghost town, Wauconda, Washington. (posted by Glen)
15) Woodcut image of Samuel Wilbur Condin / Condit - Wild Goose Bill
Samuel Wilbur Condin (or Condon / Condit) was the grandfather of Lottie (Hamilton) Condon the wife of Supplina Ward Hamilton. (posted by Glen)

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