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Selected Family Links
The complete set of links are available to family members and invited researchers. If interested inquire with Glen Hamilton.

1) Oliver 'Ollie' Jordan's Rich Gold Strike in the Cascades - Spokesman-Review Nov. 15, 1932
Linked is a newspaper clipping from the Nov. 15, 1932 Spokesman-Review that talks about the amazing gold strike that Oliver Jordan made on his claim in the Cascades that year. Oliver was the son of William and Mary Jordan and the 1st cousin of Charlie Galloway who was the father of Elsie Luetta (Hamilton) Galloway. (posted by Glen)
2) Oregon Indian Wars Pension Index - Supplina Hamilton
(posted by Glen)
3) Oregon Trail Intrepretive Center
We visited the Oregon Trail Intepretive Center in Baker City, Oregon (Aug 3, 2004). It is impressive and right on the trail overlooking the Powder River Valley. Lot's of great information. (posted by Glen)
4) PDF version of the John A. Powel notebook
John Alkire Powel was born on 20 February 1807 at Xenia, Ohio, one of fifteen children born to Joseph and Sarah (Alkire) Powel. John married Sevilla Smith in Illinois in 1828. John and Sevilla left Illinois in 1851 for Oregon, accompanied by all of their ten children. The family traveled with Johns brothers, Alfred and Noah, who were also preachers. Alfred and Noah brought their wives and children, and the brothers hired several single men, among them Supplina Hamilton, to assist the company. John served as captain of the Powel train, as it was called. (posted by Glen)
5) Photo of the Stage Coach at Elgin, Oregon
Here's a link to a picture on the Oregon State Library Photo Website of the Elgin to Wallowa stage coach in the era that Grandpa Judd Hamilton was a driver on it. It's not impossible that he's in the picture... but of course it's impossible to say. Regardless, this gives us a feel of the team, the rig and the circumstances near this station stop. Image Title: Stage Coach, Elgin, Oregon. Photographer: Unknown Date of photo: 1905 Description: Stage Coach, Elgin, Oregon. Passengers took the train to LaGrande, then the branch train to Elgin, then the stage. The first trip from Union County to Wallowa County was in 1905 or 1906. Object ID: 2004.001.0019 (posted by Glen)
6) Pirena Hamilton & Samuel Gilbert - Sept. 19, 1894 - Moscow, Idaho.
Pirena 'Rena' Hamilton married Samuel 'Sam' S. Gilbert of Juliaetta, Idaho. Pirena was the daughter of Supplina and Sarah Jane (Sumpter) Hamilton. (posted by Glen)
7) Powel, John A.. Journal, Crossing the Blue Mts. August 1851
John A. Powel and his family came west on the Oregon Trail the spring and summer of 1851. They eventually settled in to Linn, CO Oregon. John was the Captain of the wagon train that Grandpa Supplina came West in. John Powel was an itinerant Church of Christ preacher and married Supplina and Sarah Jane Sumpter in 1858. Mr. Powel kept a daily diary of his family's journey on the trail that summer. This link is to the section of his diary where they are crossing the rugged Blue Mountains in Northwestern Oregon. It was here they they lost their oldest daughter, Therissa. She died of what was thought to have been a cold... a few weeks after giving birth to her first child. (posted by Glen)
8) Ramsay Family Graves - Tonasket Cemetery, Tonasket, Okanogan County, WA
Mary A Spaulding married James W. Ramsay. They were the parents of Lillian Mae Ramsay who was the mother of Elsie (Galloway) Hamilton. Mary is buried in the Tonasket Cemetery in Tonasket, WA along with her two sons, John and George and grandson, James. (posted by Glen)
9) Reuben Judd in 1790 Census
Reuben Judd was the paternal grandfather of Altha (Judd) Hamilton the wife of John Hamilton the mother of Supplina Hamilton. The Judd Family lived in South Hadley, Massachusetts in this era. (posted by Glen)
10) Robert Templeton Family: Early Settlers in Cochran's Grove, Ash Grove Township, Shelby County, Illinois in 1828.
(posted by Glen)
11) Ross & Alice Hamilton family graves - Meyers Falls Cemetery, Kettle Falls, Stevens County, Washington
Graves of Wilbur Ross Hamilton and his wife Alice Esther Hamilton. Their sons Virgil Ross and Sidney Judd Hamilton and I believe Sidney's son, Steve W. Hamilton. (posted by Glen)
12) Roxa (Hamilton) and Abel Cross - Decendants
Roxa Hamilton was an older sister of Supplina Hamilton. She was a daughter of John and Altha (Judd) Hamilton who emigrated from New York to Illinois in c. 1831. Roxa (in some documents known as 'Roxie') had two children by Abel Cross, Oliver in c. 1838 and Mary E. in c. 1839. Abel married again in 1841 to Nancy Skaggs (January 19, 1841) in Schuyler Country, Illinois. It is pure conjecture, but quite possible, that Roxa died in childbirth with Mary or another later child. (posted by Glen)
13) S. (Supplina) Hamilton and Thomas McCoy first Commissioners of Umatilla County, Oregon
(posted by Glen)
14) S.W. 'Wild Goose Bill' Condit - a true western character
Samuel Wilbur Condit (Condon) or "Wild Goose Bill" was the grandfather of Lottie Condon who was the first wife of Supplina Ward "Uncle Ward" Hamilton. S . W. Condit was a true western character and one with a violent streak. He is celebrated by the city of Wilbur, WA as their founder in their annual, "Wild Goose Bill" days. This link is to an article that recounts his life. Merle Hamilton (great-grandson of Wild Goose Bill) recent shared the family memory that the reason why S.W went by Condon and Condit was so that he could file additional homestead land claims. (posted by Glen)
15) Samuel Judd: Soldier in the Pre-Revolutionary Colonial Wars
This article is a 'Historical Address Delivered at the Annual Meeting of The Village Library Company of Farmington, Connecticut, September 8, 1897 by Julius Gay.' It discusses the families and war related activities defending the British colonists in the area prior to the Revolution. Samuel Judd and Deacon Thomas Judd are mentioned (along with John Judd). Samuel Judd was the son of Deacon Thomas Judd. Samuel was the grandfather of Reuben Judd who was the father of Supplina Judd who was the father of Altha (Judd) Hamilton who was the mother of Supplina Hamilton. (posted by Glen)
16) Scots-Irish - History in America
This is an interesting history of the ethic group known in America as the 'Scots-Irish.' ..."With the outbreak of the Revolution in 1775 the Scots-Irish, in interesting contrast to many of their Scottish cousins, were among the most determined adherents of the rebel cause. Their frontier skills were particularly useful in destroying Burgoyne's army in the Saratoga campaign; and George Washington was even moved to say that if the cause was lost everywhere else he would take a last stand among the Scots-Irish of his native Virginia. Serving in the British Army, Captain Johann Henricks, one of the much despised "Hessians", wrote in frustration "Call it not an American rebellion, it is nothing more than an Irish-Scotch Presbyterian Rebellion." It was their toughness, virility and sense of divine mission that was to help give shape to a new nation, supplying it with such diverse heroes as Davy Crocket and Andrew Jackson. "
17) Seeing the Elephant - Voices of the Oregon Trail by Joyce Badgley Hunsaker
Last Summer (2004) Lila, Rachel, Alex and I had the priviledge of seeing Joyce Badgley Hunsaker perform Fanny, her historical intrepretation of life on the Oregon Trail, at the Oregon Trail Intrepretive Center outside of Baker City, Oregon. It was outstanding... Anyway, in researching the term "See the elephants" I was suprised to find that Joyce's most recent book about the Oregon Trail is titled just that: "Seeing The Elephant; True stories from the Oregon Trail." Grandpa Supplina mentioned that he came West as a 19 year old young man, orphaned of parents, to 'see the elephants' and grow up with the county. According to Joyce, everyone on the Oregon Trail 'saw the elephant' in that they endured great hardships in the completion of the journey. (posted by Glen)
18) Seeing the Elephants...
Grandpa Supplina Hamilton in his 1899 letter remembering his crossing of the Oregon Trail in 1851 writes: "Others were attracted by the gold mines. As for myself, I was an orphan boy, and my home was anywhere that I was treated kindly. I wanted to see the elephants, so came West to grow up with the country." I've puzzled at the comment 'I wanted to see the elephants.' Today it dawned on me that this must be an idiom of the times and I Google'd it. Sure enough, 'seeing or meeting the elephants' on the trail means facing the the worst conditions possible... or everything the Oregon Trail (or other trails... collectively referred to as elephants) had to teach them. (posted by Glen)
19) Short Biography of John A. Powel
(posted by Glen)
20) Skyhigh - Poker Flat and the Tennessee Mine
This is a map of the vicinity of the Tennessee Mine. This mine was Maurice and his son Arthur Hamilton's primary gold mining interest in the Northern Sierra Mountains in the late 1960's and 1970's. (posted by Glen)
21) Spaghetti space wars of 1979
Link to a 2002 article remembering the era of what they call the "spaghetti space wars" movies. Judd Hamilton and his wife Caroline Munro are mentioned along with anecdotes in the filming of 'Star Crash.' (posted by Glen)
22) Spokane Air Repair Depot
Julia Hamilton came to Spokane in 1942 and in time found work at the Spokane Air Repair Depot. Mom later became a lead inspector doing quality assurance on P-38 Lightnings, B-17s and likely other aircraft repairs. The air repair depot later became Fairchild Air Force Base. (posted by Glen)
23) St. John Washington Cemetery - Hamilton Family Graves
Graves of Supplina and Jane Hamilton and descendants. St. John, WA. (posted by Glen)
24) Star Crash - 1979 Sci Fi Classic - Judd Hamilton and Caroline Munro
Star Crash was a 1979 movie that Judd Hamilton, son of Maurice and Elsie Hamiton, starred in along with his British actress wife, Caroline Munro. Judd played the part of the 'Darth Vader' type character. Caroline played the leading lady 'Stella Star.' This site is a great source for Star Crash information and trivia. The legend lives on! (posted by Glen)
25) Suplina Judd Geneaology
(posted by Glen)
26) Suplina Judd in Amity, NY in 1830 Census
It seems the Judd and Hamilton families were living in Amity, Allegany Co. NY in 1830. Suplina Judd died in 1830 or 31. There are many Judds (likely some related to Suplina Judd) listed in the census. Only the heads of the households were listed. It is believed Suplina's daughter was Altha Judd who married John Hamilton (also of Amity). John and Altha had a son whom they named Supplina (or Suplina). From Supplina descended Judd Hamilton. One of Judd's sons was Maurice Hamilton. (posted by Glen)
27) Supplina and Jane Hamilton Marriage - June 16, 1858 - Linn County, Oregon
Supplina and Sarah Jane (Sumpter) Hamilton marriage record. Donation Land Claim #2969.
28) Supplina and Sarah Jane (Sumpter) Hamilton
More land claim information mentioning Supplina and now his new wife, Sarah Jane Sumpter. Sarah Jane (known as Jane) Sumpter was born on July 7, 1837 and crossed the Oregon Trail by Ox team and covered wagon in 1850 at age 13. The trip typically took six months. (posted by Glen)
29) Supplina Hamilton - 1852 Tax Rolls - Linn County Oregon
Case#: 14112 | Name: Hamilton, Supplina | Date: 1852 | Record Type: Tax roll | County: Linn | Source: Provisional and Territorial | Remarks: Assessment roll (posted by Glen)
30) Supplina Hamilton - Linn County, Oregon Territory Tax Roll 1854
Supplina Hamilton - Linn County, Oregon Territory Tax Roll 1854 (posted by Glen)

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