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Selected Family Links
The complete set of links are available to family members and invited researchers. If interested inquire with Glen Hamilton.

1) Death of the15th Duke of Hamilton
Quite a Hamilton life. Much history in his obiturary. The Dukes of Hamilton are the pre-eminent nobles of Scotland and are the country's most senior aristocrats. (posted by Glen)
2) Death Record of Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Templeton - 1/26/1922 - Wallowa County, Oregon.
Death Record of Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Templeton - 1/26/1922 - Wallowa County, Oregon. Lizzie was the third wife of Greenberry Shields Templeton. (posted by Glen)
3) Death Record of Greenbury S. Templeton - 5/14/1918 - Wallowa County, Oregon
Death Record of Greenbury S. Templeton - 5/14/1918 - Wallowa County, Oregon - Oregon Historical Archives. Greenbury (sometimes spelled, Greenberry) was the father of Julia Aletha 'Leatha' Templeton who married Frank Hamilton and Laura Annettie 'Nettie' Templeton who married Judd Hamilton. Judd and Frank were sons of Supplina and Sarah Jane (Sumpter) Hamilton. (posted by Glen)
4) Delbert Hamilton - Obituary - The Spokesman-Review - Feb 10, 1984
Delbert Hamilton was the son of Duron Hamilton who was the eldest son of Supplina and Jane Hamilton. Delbert passed away in St. John, WA on Tuesday, Feb. 7, 1989. (posted by Glen)
5) Diary of the preacher who Married Supplina and Jane Hamilton
This is an amazing... thing. Powel, John A. (John Alkire), 1807-1880 was an farmer-preacher who came to Linn, CO Oregon the same summer in 1851 as Supplina. John was the captain of the wagon train that Supplina was on. He was a figure in the Christian Church Restoration Movement. That they knew each other well in Linn, CO. Oregon is a fact as John's published notes (notebook/diary/account book) attests. The diary is a record of his crossing the Oregon Trail, his business accounts in Oregon (S. Hamilton or Hamitton did a lot of business with John Powel), and his marriage of Supplina and Jane! Enjoy. (posted by Glen)
6) 'Digs Fortune in 30 Minutes' - Ollie and Clarence Jordan. Spokesman-Review Nov. 14, 1932
Another clipping for the Spokesman-Review from the WSU Digital Archive about the Jordan brothers' astounding gold strike. This is a must read article. Ollie and Clarence were the sons of William and Mary Jordan and the first cousins of Charlie Galloway who was the father of Elsie Luetta (Hamilton) Galloway. (posted by Glen)
7) Distant Judd Cousins...
Supplina Hamilton's mother was Altha Judd. She had a brother, Heman Judd. When I initially looked at this page I wondered if / how this Heman Judd family in Missouri was related. After doing some research, it looks like we're a long ways removed. There is no proof but the evidence suggests common ancestors in Hartford, CT in the mid 1600's. One scenario is that Altha Judd's Great Great Great Grandfather Samuel Judd's older brother Philip is the ancestor of these Missouri Judds. If so, then we share a common ancestor in Deacon Thomas Judd. At any rate, the Judd families have been in America since the early 1600's (at least) and trace their roots back to England down to the late 1300's. (posted by Glen)
8) Dolton: The Northwest's First Rock 'n' Roll Record Company
This article on is about Dolton Records. Mentioned in the article is a title they produced for Judd Hamilton, "Dream." Judd is the son of Maurice and Elsie Hamilton. (posted by Glen)
9) 'Don't Pull Your Love Out': Among the most played songs on radio of all time.
Played over 3 million times. With a playing time of 2 minutes 42 seconds it's the equivilent of over 13.8 years of continuous air play.... and counting. (posted by Glen)
10) Doris Fern (Hamilton) Gent Death Record - 2007
Doris was the youngest child of Judd and Laura Annetta "Nettie" (Templeton) Hamilton. (posted by Glen)
11) Duron Hamilton & Laura C. Brunton Marriage - Dec 24, 1876 - Columbia County, WT
Duron (Spelled Duran here) was the first born child of Supplina and Sarah Jane (Sumpter) Hamilton. (posted by Glen)
12) Duron Hamilton's family buried in the Waitsburg, WA Cemetary records the Hamilton graves in the Waitsburg, WA City Cemetary. Buried here is Duron Hamilton the first born child of Supplina and Sarah Jane (Sumpter) Hamilton. Also buried here is Duron's wife Laura Sedonia (Brunton) Hamilton and two of their children: Pearl Cyrus Hamilton age 14y 5m 22d, William Jennings B. Hamilton age 3m 8d. Also buried here is Supplina's son-in-law Bernard Whiting (b. 1876, d. 1946) who was married to his daughter Christia Jane Hamilton. (posted by Glen)
13) Elizabeth Tilley - Last Will & Testament - Mayflower passenger
The Will of Elizabeth (Tilley) Howland dated December 17, 1686. Elizabeth is an ancestor of our extended families here in America. She and her future husband John Howland arrived on the Mayflower in 1620. They were married in Plymouth, MA in 1623. (posted by Glen)
14) Elizabeth Tilley - Short Biography - Mayflower Passenger
Elizabeth is an ancestor of our extended families here in America. She and her future husband John Howland arrived on the Mayflower in 1620. They were married in Plymouth, MA in 1623. (posted by Glen)
15) Elsie Luetta (Galloway) Hamilton - Tribute
(posted by Glen)
16) Endicott, WA History - Hamilton School District 111
This article gives a brief overview of Endicott, Washington's History (Endicott, Whitman County, WA). More interestingly it mentions the Hamilton School District 111. This historic rural district was on property made available by the Supplina Hamilton family in Union Flat Creek south the Endicott. A generation of Hamilton's and other local children were schooled here in the 1890's and early 1900's. UPDATE 11/23/2012: this link is now expired: I've replaced it with a link to a map showing where the school was just south of Union Flat Creek. (posted by Glen) (posted by Glen)
17) Ethel M Fischer - Obituary - Medford, OR., Mail Tribune on 5/28/2008
Ethel was the last surviving daughter of Judd and Annettie (Templeton) Hamilton. (posted by Glen)
18) Excavating a Scottish rebel's luxurious stronghold
Archaeology in the ruin of the old Hamilton Castle... From the linked Article in British Archaeology Magazine, Dec. 2001: "Excavations this year at Cadzow Castle in Lanarkshire have shed light on the rise and fall of one of Scotland's great noble families of the 16th century...." Genetically the odds that we are related to the Hamilton families that lived in Cadzow are quite high. (posted by Glen)
19) Fallin' in Love - Most Played Song 1975
(posted by Glen)
20) Famous Mauselom of the Dukes of Hamilton
Boasting the longest echo in the world, this large one of a kind mausoleum along with the hunting lodge of Ch√Ętellerault and the ruins of Cadzow Castle are some of our living links to our ancestral heritage in Hamilton, Scotland. (posted by Glen)
21) Galloway Family History Information
(posted by Danielle)
22) Galloways in NW Census records
(posted by Glen)
23) Gen Form Thread on John & Altha Hamilton
(posted by Glen)
24) Girls on the Mayflower - Elizabeth Tilley
The story of the 11 girls who made the voyage with their families from England on the MayFlower in 1620. One of those girls was our ancestor, Elizabeth Tilley. (posted by Glen)
25) Glen Hamilton - Article in TechFlash | Puget Sound Business Journal 10/30/2009
Glen Hamilton is the son of Marvin Vernon Hamilton. (posted by Glen)
26) Glen Hamilton - JV Speech Win - 1976
It's amazing that all these newspapers are now available online. Here's an article of a high school speech tournament in Spokane, WA published on Nov 16, 1976. (posted by Glen)
27) Glen Hamilton in the Wall Street Journal - August 14, 2001
During the Internet bust of 2000/2001, Glen Hamilton got a little press coverage in the Wall Street Journal for his personal email marketing initiative to e-commerce recruiters. (posted by Glen)
28) Great explanation of the idiom: Seeing the Elephant.
(posted by Glen)
29) Greenberry Templeton's sister Mary J Voris' daughters Julia and Annette
Mary J. Templeton was five years older than her closest sibling, Greenberry S. Templeton. Both were children of John and Eliza Templeton and raised in Cochran's Grove, Shelby County, Illinois. Mary married Charles Voris on November 6, 1860. Mary and Charles Voris had two daughters, Annette Elize and Julia (who died at age nine). Greenberry must have been very fond of his two nieces.

... Greenberry's first two children were also daughters. He first daughter was born April 21st, 1872 there in Windsor, Shelby County. Greenberry named his daughter Julia Aletha Templeton. This was likely in honor of his young niece Julia Voris who had recently passed away. Julia Aletha would go by 'Aletha' as her common name all her life. Aletha married Frank Hamilton (son of Supplina and Jane Hamilton) in Endicott, Whitman County, Washington on November 15th, 1891.

... Greenberry's second daughter was Laura Annette Templeton. It is possible that Laura Annette was named after his other niece, Annette Voris. Laura Annette went by the name 'Nettie' or 'Annettie' all of her life. Laura Annette Templeton married Judd Hamilton (the brother of Frank Hamilton mentioned above) on December 13th, 1893 in Whitman County, Washington. (posted by Glen)

30) Hamilton - Duke of Abercorn
Recent genetic testing has suggested that we are cousins of the Duke of Abercorn (pronounced 'Avercorn'.

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